Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why I'm Obsessed with sleep --

Well.. I slept all the day and now still i feel sleepy. This has been going from last 1 month. Usually, i don't sleep much when i have to go out or work somewhere. But, whenever there is something important coming up in the near future, like an exam or an interview, my brain automatically forces me to sleep.

       And yeah.. mind you.. this is not the 8 hour sleep that we usually do. But this is 18 hour sleep a day. Given a chance, i will sleep even 24 hrs a day comfortably. I don't know why, but i developed this disorder right from my school days. An exam is coming up, i am gearing up for sleep.. an interview is coming up, i am getting ready to sleep.. 

       Any number of teas or cigarettes don't work for me. They don't keep me awake. I don't know the reason why. Any disorder this is ?? OMG.. i ve had enough.. i don't want to add one more to this list. I have an important exam coming up in the next 8 days and now i am sleeping 8 hours completely -- 2 times a day.. i.e. a total of 16 hours a day. When the exam is done, i will not be able to sleep even if i want to. This has been happening from so long and i think some one should suggest me to do something to stop it. because i ve tried everything and tired by now. 

Good night.. :( 



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