Saturday, February 4, 2012

IAS Officers–Are they independent ?

A. Srilakshmi, B.P. Acharya – the two IAS officers who were hailed for their intellect, for their excellence and for their clean record now count the bars in the jail for one reason. Obeying the orders of their ministers and signing the papers according to the politician’s wishes.

The case of Y.S. Jagan mohan reddy amassing a huge fortune and wealth almost equal to a state budget (1,00,000 crore expected) surfaced after the death of his father, late Y.S. Rajasekhar reddy. More precisely, the case surfaced after Mr. Jagan quit congress party in 2009. Though this is an expected move from the side of congress, given their history of using CBI and law on those who revolt against the party, the issue actually raising main concern is the IAS officers during YSR’s regime are being made scapegoats in one or the other way.

A. Srilakshmi, became an IAS officer at the age of 23 and foresaw a promising career until the recent past. But, when the illegal mining of Gali Janardhan reddy was caught up by CBI and the Apex court of the country, it is the same Srilakshmi, who became the prime accused. Gali is a close associate of YSR and everyone knows how brotherly relationship they maintained. The then Mining minister, Ms. Sabitha Indra Reddy was the sixth finger of YSR, who does what ever the CM ordered her to do. In such a way, many of the mines were illegally alloted to Gali and Co, and as evident, the prime accused here should be the minister and the deceased CM.

But, at the end, it is the Secretary, Ms. Srilakshmi that is made scapegoat and was put behind the bars, crushing her bright future under the hammer of law.

The same is with Mr. B.P. Acharya, present home secretary and accused in illegal allotment of lands to Emaar properties during YSR regime.

Doesn’t the ministers and politicians have nothing to do with this ? Is it only the officers that are responsible for these illegal proceedings ? Though all the people in the state know the truth, CBI and the court doesn’t consider the real beneficiaries as accused. At the end, it is these officers who sign on the documents that are made scapegoats.

Can we still assume that bureaucrats can work independently ? Can we see a change in their subordination to ministers in the future ? only time will answer these questions.. but, before the answers, there are many such officers who are in line to get into the clutches of CBI and get into Jail, lose their Cadres, future and reputation. Rest in Peace my dear intellect.



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