Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Immortals of Meluha : My Opinion

“Damn it.. Y haven’t I read this book till today” was my reaction when I finished a fourth of “Immortals of Meluha” the first part of Shiva Trilogy. Off late, I became an ardent reader and admirer of Fiction combined with reality, right from I got my hands on Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code”. While Brown tries to make the readers work hard to imagine what is in his book,  Amish Tripati excelled in the art of letting the readers’ imagination carve a picture of the what they are reading on mind’s canvas. Brown’s work needed more than simple effort either to understand or imagine what one is reading and what is happening unlike Tripati, whose work will automatically pull you into it and takes you with it through every part of the story letting you physically be there.

Immortals of Meluha is a beautiful journey of a man – Shiva and his transformation into a leader. This book is all about one man Shiva and his ideology “One who stands for his belief is human.., One who stands for what others believe in him is The Lord – Mahadev.”

The first part is all about Shiva, his tribe and how he was brought to an Utopian world, which needed him more than how much he needed them. Each and every step of the journey leaves you in awe, wondering about how can a writer imagine such a country, custom, create an imaginary view, which appears to be totally true and existent. The second part has a promising start, but the book is yet to reach me, so I would let you know about it in a week’s time.

IOM has to be read not only for sheer brilliance of the writer, but also to understand how one’s journey to live a noble and pious live should be and how one should react to various circumstances he comes across. Shiva running away from a crying woman haunts him even after he grows up and transforms into a leader, telling us not to show our back, whatever be the situation. Shiva’s agony explained painfully when Brihaspati died on Mount Mandar lets us know what effect a noble friend can have upon us.

Each and every character in the story is etched with perfection, none lower than the other, and none above the other. The ending of the book leaves you with a slight disturbance along with Shiva, now the Neelkanth and forces you to get your hands on the second part as soon as you can.

For the book readers out there, this book shouldn’t be missed. So read it if you haven’t till now.

For Indian readers, www.flipkart.com has the book for 167 Rs. and both the parts can be bought at a combined price of 310 rupees.

For American readers, www.amazon.com has the book for 12 dollars and 15 dollars. So, get it if you want to experience excellence.



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