Monday, February 20, 2012

Israel–Iran : Possible ways of waging a war.. !!

With the unrest growing between both the nations, war seems to be inevitable in the near future. at least the present scenario indicates so. Lets see how many ways Israel and Iran can wage a war among themselves and what may be the consequences of such methods.

1. War through Lebanon, Syria.

Iran, sensing that its Syrian supply line to Hezbollah could disappear at any moment, decides to pre-emptively activate its co-religious Shiite militia in an attack on Israel’s northern border towns.  With upwards of 200,000 Iranian missiles already in hand, Hezbollah could put on quite a show, triggering a massive retaliation campaign from Israel designed to temporarily reduce the militia’s firepower capacity.

With guns already blazing and Israelis already dying, Netanyahu could decide he’s already facing the Iranian counterattack scenario, so why not pursue the air attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities at the same time?

2. Taking the war to Iran through Bahrain

Iran, desperate to divert attention elsewhere, does its best to re-ignite a Shiite rebellion inside Bahrain, forcing the Saudis to send troops yet again and shifting the international community’s attention back to the evil of Sunni autocracy there.  The Saudis then may green light Israel’s long-standing offer to attack Iran through Saudi airspace.

3. Stop Obama from interfering by waging a war during elections

Israel simply plans its attack for the eve of the U.S. presidential election, knowing President Barack Obama’s hands will be tied. The Pentagon’s many China hawks, eager to test out their new high-tech Air Sea Battle Concept, readily accept the challenge, sensing a golden opportunity to signal strategic intent - and capabilities - to Beijing.

4. Create Unrest in the country by destroying civil infrastructure

No, we’re not talking actual strikes with nuclear bombs.  Instead, in a bold step, Israel’s triggers a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) by detonating a nuclear device over Iran. Whatever facilities in Iran come under its line-of-sight radiation blast suffer a permanent shorting-out electrical effect.  While the impact on Iran’s underground nuclear facilities wouldn’t be decisive, Tehran’s ability to control its own population would be temporarily devastated, possibly opening the door for internal rebellion.

So, it is interesting to see how Israel reacts to Iran’s moves in the near future. Till then, fingers crossed.

source: Global public square, Google images.



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