Friday, February 3, 2012

All Hail ‘Team India’–The team that finally won..

Raina and Jadeja Thrilled after a wicket

Finally.., after almost a couple of months, Indian fans tasted a victory. The Indian team gifted us a victory in rather a sheepish manner. As it is said, ‘One win is all it takes.. !!”, will this win silent the debate about Dhoni’s Captaincy.. ?? I guess so. I also guess not. Well.. Before you make an opinion, let me mind you that I am not bashing the team now. I am ardent fan of team India, it doesn’t matter whether they win or not.

Credit goes to fielders and Dhoni for an awesome display of athleticism on the field and a good keeping after a long time by Dhoni. Rohit Sharma and Jadeja excelled on the ground with their fielding and give the fans a ray of hope to expect a win in couple of matches at least during the coming Tri-Series with Oz and Lankans.

Dhoni – all beaming during the presentation showers all the praises towards the fielders “The Best fielding side I ve seen” he says.. well he is true for a reason. Kohli, Jadeja, Raina, Rohit Sharma displayed absolute excellence on the field committing no mistakes today.

Jadeja Congratulated after Running out George Bailey

Man of the Match.. awarded to Jadeja.. couldn’t understand why the commentator said it is going to be a controversial decision when he really deserves that better than anyone on the field today.

But, I wish the debate about the pitches in India, composition of team and search for fast bowlers in the country should go on. There are many factors that led to the recent test debacle of the team. IPL, over dependence on the senior clout, inefficiency of the bowlers to take 20 wickets – the main characteristic needed to win test matches. Let the intellectuals pour their thoughts into these, debate among them, come up with a solution and implement it before the senior clout phases out of the team leaving rest of the team clueless when they play abroad.

Till then.., we just enjoy this win to the fullest and debate on the test debacle.. who knows .. the next one may be as soon as possible .. or as late as never.. Smile .. what say folks ??

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