Friday, February 3, 2012

Let the ‘Taj’ Collapse.. !!!

In the wake of the reports that say Taj doesn’t last for more than five years.., I wish the Taj collapses before that. Yes.. I may sound weird and attract bricks and bats from you people.. but I wish the Taj Collapses.

Well.. the Taj has been the symbol of love, pride of the nation for so long that even I feel the monument is tired of keeping us, Indians on the top, when we do not actually deserve it. The alarm was raised long back and the people, government, activists everyone had a sore eye on the monument till date, and we react and protest now when there is no chance of bringing it back to life and guarantee it another life period extension. So, I do wish the Taj Collapse.

As soon as the alarm is raised, ASI team has assembled in the rear of the monument only to release a press note that states that there is no danger to the monument in the near future. But, when we preserve something of that great importance and which personifies our national heritage, I assume that the government should at least have a knowledge of the monument, its construction and methods to extend its life period.

Polluted Water from the River Yamuna, collected and displayed by SaveYamuna.Org foundation.

Ironically, that didn’t happen till the recent past.

In 1987, a Unesco-backed experts committee of BM Feilden and P Beckmann noted with concern that there was remarkably little information about the foundations and the nature of the sub-soil.

"In a building of this supreme importance to the world cultural heritage, it is essential to have full knowledge of the foundations and the soil to assess the effect of possible changes in the sub-soil and water regimes such as industrial water extraction and the consequences of seismic activity," the committee's report said. (Times of India, 9 oct 2011).

This is the interest we do have in the great structure that resembles a nation’s heritage. Such an interest is commendable and for this, the nation needs to be punished. So, I do wish the Taj Collapse. The other factor for the monument’s deterioration is the pollution of river Yamuna. The wooden foundations of Taj Mahal needs to be wet with water of Yamuna all the time so as to stay strong and put. With the rise of Industrialization in and around Agra, Yamuna River is polluted to such an extent that the effect is now almost irreversible. Concerns have been raised so many times, for which the government and the industrial world turned a deaf ear and now everybody is ready to save the monument. Why don’t we react early? Why don’t we react when it is the time to. Why do we always react only after something happens.

May it be the 26/11 attacks or Kargil insurgency or bombings in Mumbai, we react only after they happen and yes.. that reaction stays alive for two days. When India wins another cricket match, everything is forgotten and shelved. They are brought down by the so called leaders and politicians only when they believe that it will serve their purpose of attracting votes.

Who is supposed to change here.? The politicians ? and I know it is foolish to expect them to change. well.. atleast in the near future. It is we, the people of India, youth.. who are hailed as the new face of India are supposed to change. Stand for what we want.. Stand for what we believe.. Stand for what we want to pass on to the next generations. Time to buckle up and save our national heritage and let the world believe that we changed. we changed for good. If the collapse of Taj is necessary to bring the change we want in the country,

I wish.. Let the Taj Collapse.. !!!




  1. Dude,

    Good post but nothing will change because we Indians are used to lethargy and slavery. we just cannot rule ourselves as we have so many differences among ourselves and we are corrupt to the core and lack national pride and integrity. It is a civilization that is waiting to perish. Sorry to be pessimistic but that is the reality. Imagine a nation of 1+ billion people ruled by a Italian waitress? Well what do you call it?

    1. Well.. change must begin somewhere.. Where do u think it should start.. ? With education comes change. But this education system we have will hail Rajiv Gandhi as the best PM of our country. In that case, the system has to change. If a system has to change, somebody within must change and that is US i guess. How righteous are we to ourselves matters first.