Friday, February 24, 2012

Homosexuality in India : What’s your stand ?

The issue of homosexuality has taken the hot seat in India with the growing conflicts between the Court and the Parliament (Congress as a matter of Fact). Its been an year since the Supreme court decriminalized the acts of sex between two persons of same sex with their full consent and in private. But, the government, today opposed the verdict, stating that there are still a majority of people who consider homosexuality is immoral in our society. In the wake of this issue, lets look at ourselves and where we stand in this particular issue.

According to me, there are four types of people who respond to this issue of homosexuality.

First, Conservative people and those who consider themselves protecting the Indian culture, do oppose this bluntly and strongly as an immoral and unfaithful move.

Second, pretty open minded people, who assume that each individual has his/her own right to choose what to do, until it doesn’t affect the people around them.

Third, people act as being open minded, support homosexuality, but still pray god that their own sons/daughters are not gays/lesbians.

Four, people who give a damn about those homosexuals and make a cheap mockery of such individuals.

Well.., Since this is my blog and being honest doesn’t hurt me, I like to say that I fall in the category of those people who act as open minded, but are really not. This may be attributed to the mix of cultures I have been through, being brought up in strict conservative family and having strong cultural roots, and also getting into the modern world that everybody dreams to make a step into. I am really not much into either of these perspectives, so both of these influence my perception about homosexuality. When the time comes to make a stand, I would always bend towards my culture, values that I am brought up with and would say a strict No-No to homosexuality, but also would consider not to criticize them or those who practice it, recognizing that change is essential in a society and it is what which stays constant. Yes.. Change is the only thing that is constant in the society.

Where do you stand in the above categories and what is your stand on this issue will expose the face of India to the world.

Though off the topic, I would like to stress on the words that Hon. Minister Gulam Nabi Azad uttered a few months ago “The disease of MSM (Man having Sex with Man) has been a part of developed world, and its sad that our country is now infected with it”

Dear Sir, This is truly immoral and irresponsible on your part to make such obnoxious comments on the individuals who excel in all aspects of their life and take India ahead of other countries faster than what you can do. Their sexual practice is their choice and you/me doesn’t have any moral rights to comment or criticize them.



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