Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some onez got a wand ???

If anyone has a magic wand that will solve all the problems in life, I'm interested in looking at it or buying it from you.

Would be interested in seeing the wand's past accomplishments and achievements to verify that it actually does what its supposed to. May request a demonstration. Prefer a fast acting wand, one of the later models that come with the instant gratification package or enhancements. If it isn't the instant gratification type, preferably one that lets you know whether or not anythings happening and gives a forecast of what's happening after waving it.

If it's portable that would be great, especially if it's pocket sized.

Color, not important.

Prefer machine washable in case I forget to take it out of my pockets in the laundry.

Larger sized wands have to be storable in my apartment but am able to work around the size issue.

Prefer to have instruction manual if you still have it.

Am able to drive anywhere to pick it up.

Submit picture if possible!


Oh, If you have a magic lamp instead that you need to be relieved of that still has wishes, I'm interested in that as well.




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