Thursday, February 2, 2012

122 2G licences Cancelled -- Who is the winner here ??

Flash News -- Supreme Court cancels 122 2G licenses. 

Though Many hail this as a victory of government on corrupted practices, the reality is far different i fear. As the law says, the licences are cancelled and Chidambaram got a breather with the case being referred to trial court.

Pros: I dont see any.

Cons: As all the licenses are cancelled, the government has to pay the deposits collected from those companies with a 11% interest, and anyway i am not interested in calculating that whopping loss to our treasury. Above that, there is no one big head who is acquitted/convicted in this case and the case is going to spend another couple of years in the trial court with Chidambaram getting a breather and ample time to tamper with evidences, make money in a new fool proof way the next time.

Who is the winner here .. ??

1. The government ??

2. Our very own Chiddu sir, who got another chance to mint money, in a better way this time not to get caught.

3. the telecom companies which will receive a hefty amount of interest on their deposits and will definitely get a chance to bid again for lower prices and who knows, the scenario might be repeated coz none of the persons accused are relieved out of their duties, except for quite a few who doesn't hold any power now.

Some one please explain me where my country is heading towardssss.. !!!!



  1. Hopefully the fresh allocation will be based on auction and the government will make much more than what it has return to Telecom companies with interest. About Chidu...I also share your concern.

    1. Can we expect government to be transparent this time ? If it is, then it will add value to its credibility after all these scams and money laundering. if not, i guess congress has to count its days.