Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All about LIFE-what, why, how, when, where...

Wonderful Life...

Life is just filled with wonders..!
Only we lost the quality of wondering...!
Only we lost the sensitivity, receptivity..!
Life is nothing but regaining those eyes of wondering; realizing wonderful life..!

Birth is not the beginning of life.

Life is flowing like a river.
Life has no birth or death.
The body taking birth one day and it dies one day but life existed before birth.
Life expressed through this body when it is born,it means life is there and it takes birth.
Birth is not the beginning of life.
Life is there as a continuous flow, birth happens in that as a bubble.
Birth is a phenomenon which happens in life. Birth itself is not life.
Life comes first, and then there is birth.
You are born because you were there before.

And the same is the case with death.

If you existed before birth, then you will be after death as well, because that which is before birth is bound to be after death.
Life is something which happens, expresses itself in between birth and death, and beyond birth and death.
Those who realize Life as such thus accept Life and death as they come as they are just expressions of the same phenomenon and yet beyond....

Life exists as ever;

life is immortal.
Life is continuously expressing itself in so many forms.
Birth and death is phenomenon which happens in life.Birth is not the beginning of life.
Life is there and it takes birth as body.
Death is not the end of life.Death happens when life leaves this body andtakes another form of expression.
It is only different forms takes birth and death.Life as such has no birth or death.Life Exists before birth and after death.Life expresses itself in between birth and death.


LIFE is REJOICING in all its possibilities......... in all its dimensions....
LIFE means Rejoicing all its polar opposites by accepting them as complementation with each others - day -night......, youth - old.............., joy - sorrow..........., health-disease......., peak- valley etc.

Life is a mystery- to be LIVED

Life is not a problem to be solved or a question to be answered.
Life is not a complicated philosophy to be understood.
Life exists simply as a mystery.
Life is not consisting with the repetitions of mechanical process.
Life goes on moving with ever changing colors,turns, twists and a thousand and one uncertainties.
It is inexpressible, indefinable, it is the ultimate mystery.
To approach it with any prejudice about it is to falsify it.

Life is such a mystery just by approaching it in all simplicity, openness it has to be LIVED.



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