Sunday, September 27, 2009

From the girl's heart....

He fell in love with a stranger
he hadnt even seen her face
People said it wouldnt work.
But he knew better :)

Then one day it all crashed down
And what was real... didnt feel like a dream anymore.
And what was a dream... it didnt' feel real anymore.
she gave words, he took them to heart.

One promise, one lie, one empty word
he thought that's how it worked out
his thoughts went uncorrected and unheard.

He showed her a path, but he bit back what he said
She felt it was not the one where her footsteps should fall
Expectedly, she was losing her head.

Still he said he loved her, and she felt it true
She thought there were rights they can exercise.
But strangers without faces cant share the same
Life with people that feel death and demise

He wasnt wrong, but he wasnt right either
She couldnt strike a balance that he already had
She was a person of extremes, happiest of happiest.
And maddened by grief when she was sad.

One promise, one fallacy that he made
But never kept, and that was what broke her heart
Over and over again, she got up through that same
Only to be shot down in the second part.

She cut herself with cookie knives
Just to see how much it would bleed
She thought it would lessen the agony
Physical pain is what she'd need.

She was so weak; she couldnt let it out
She felt it was her burden alone to bear
She couldnt talk to him because it didnt make sense.
He was right, no argument there.

She kept it all in; it was written in mind and soul.
Secret pains on paper that was later burned to ashes.
She wasnt strong enough. She KNEW she was insane.
Everytime she thought of him, tears clung to her lashes.

Love was what she felt, at its wildest possible end.
So engulfed was she, she forgot it comes with harsh hurt
He knew what he shouldnt have done
And that one promise bit the dirt.

That one promise made over and over again
By a faceless stranger whose despair she couldnt read.
She is so vulnerable, he used to tell her. True because
She broke down with expectations of need.

He couldnt give her what she hoped for.
She just wanted him to not go astray.
He hated the interference and lashed out with a word.
A word that still breaks her heart till today.

She fell in love with a friend, a man
Someone whom she relied on more than herself.
She felt it was everything eventhough she hadnt "seen"
Faceless stranger, he called himself.



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