Sunday, December 14, 2008

What to do .. When you are stuckk.. :P

the title does imply that you're basically STUCK.. but that doesn't mean it has to be introspective such as "stuck in a rut" or "stuck in the path of life" or something equally philo-shittical. (read as: philosophical).

No, this BLOG is just something stupid ... just as my previous one. Its all about what to do when you're.. STUCK!...

WHERE, u might ask? Depends favorably in places which are.. er.. not quite favorable.

Play with the ball in ya hand.. or atleast u gotta lighter wid ya rite...! No, seriously! I mean, you're already stuck aren't you? SO things can't GET any worse... and admit it, you have all those pretty buttons to keep you company!
Touch yourself. Thats one thing you'd probably enjoy doing more than fiddling with the ball or lighter... Not that "I" would ever know. *dignified silence*
Jump. Hard. The elevator will drop down from the 107-whatsit floor and you end up falling in free motion. Heck, do some acrobatics on your way down. Zero-G still manages to make people feel as if they're in space.

Abuse your @$$ off at the truckdriver in front of you who's hogging both of the lanes. Swear. Scream. Show him the digit. Then abandon your car and RUNNNNnnnn...!!!
Tune up some pathetic song like "tera tera tera surrrooooorrr..." to the loudest volume possible. Guaranteed: people getting friggin' irritated they just might clear the way for ya.
PLay with all the pretty buttons! Ooooohhh..!!! *wonders about the symptoms of playing with the ball obsession*

Burp. Fart. Sneeze. Cough and throw in some puking noises for effect. Faint. Pinch the lady's butt in front of you.
(DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible of you recieve a painful hit with a surprisingly large handbag on ANY part of your person).

Tell whoever is in front of you that the police are looking for him, suspecting him of stealing a gorilla.
Pretend you're Turd=Face Kapoor, Booby Deol or Ugh-day Chopra. With your un-ending fan adoration and the respect which you have so rightly earned from your *ahem* films, you'll be lucky enough to be given preferential treatment. *drooling sarcasm here*

Write stupid blogs citing what to so when you're stuck in stupid places.

Well hey..thats what I did..!
P.S: though when stuck at home, i also click pictures of my balcony, t-shirts, myself.. making faces at the camera.. haha..



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