Tuesday, December 2, 2008

cold december night.........

1 o clock in the nite..
sat to edit final paper for this fucking semester.. as the papers rolled by, eyes drooped.. as usual..
drooping eyes waited for ur wish.. as alwayzz.. knowin dat i ll not get dat... but still waitin.. :( ..
Just a thought of urs... keeps me alive.. doesn't let me sleep.. how many days more like this..??
fingers rolled on keyboard.. somewhere in the mails.... they found you.. talkin to me..
mind started wondering.. where did all that time go.. where did i miss them.. moreover... y did i miss them..

any answerssss.....??

every word i spoke to u till now.. i remember.. wonder y i cant do it now... think da same every nite.. without any answer.. wer did i lose trust... shud i leave the last hopes too.. dunno..

back to work... ;)



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