Sunday, September 5, 2010

Am I an Introvert.. :( ??

Dealing wid ppl has alwayz been my weakness.. (ok.. not always.. atleast in present time.. :))

Problem lies where..???

Misinterpretation.. misunderstanding.. prblms in communication.. or wat.. ????

I wanna dance.... but worried abt ppl's reactions..

I wanna jump high.. but worried dat ppl ll laugh at me..

I wanna sing.. but worried for how ppl ll react..

I wanna do wat i wanna do.. but am worried how ppl around me recieve me.. :( ..

I wanna be myself.. Why Cant I.. ??

From a while, I am not interested in speakin to ppl by seein in their eyes..?? Am I turning introvert..?? Am I scared of ppl..?? Why am I failing at something in which I am a master earlier.. :( ?

Yeah.., I was a master in dealing with ppl.. getting things done.. maintaining relations.. I "WAS"..
Not anymore now..

A deep lookback revealed da fact..

When I had a bunch of ppl around me.. i was good to everyone.. In the recent past, there were times I stuck to a single relationship.. wid a single person.. which made me ignore da world.. and when the relation fails..(breaks in this context).. everything is lost.. i lost the world already.. and now i lost "MY WORLD"..

This made me scary.. to talk to ppl.. to move INTO them.. to know more about them.. to share myself with them..

and now.. this is Misinterpretation.. Misunderstanding.. Prblm with communication..

****HURRAY..**** I finally found out.. why i am an introvert..

Now the question.. How can I overcome this fckin situation.. Can anybody help me.. :( help me to be MYSELF..??


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  1. Move on...“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”-Albert Einstein
    Ur Life depends upon the choice u read it and vote to support